I usualy work with 3 steps design process
Let me show you how it works


First consult

We meet up via phone, a cup of Joe's or via skype. We discuss important things like what we like about our wonderful lives, our pets and most embarrassing moments. We then discuss the project and you pretty much tell me what you envision for your site. I take it all into my secure vault, put on my cape and fly in search of the best idea for you.


Ideas and Preparation

After flying around the world with a couple of red eyes under my belt, I will send you at least seven funky fresh ideas for you to choose from. After you select your favorite, I will send you a quote, that legal thing they make me do called a contract and a calendar of progression. I give you stuff, you give me stuff and the creative process begins.


Yummy goodness

After putting together the first structure, we sit down in my secure underground vault and discuss what you like and what you rather throw out to the sharks. I open my cape, raise my arm and fly back to the lab to make the changes. As you sit waiting in grand anticipation, I come back with some yummy goodness. You get excited, I get excited, you pay me and the site goes live for the world to see.


They said I got to show you. Here are some lives I have saved.